so frickin awesome along, but the wifi won't work so i'm stuck on wired internet. but that's okay, i didn't think i'd like laptops but they're fuckin awesome. fuckin. awesome.


No need for leaving credit. Plenty more stuff to come.
Download provided by Rapidshare.de. Directions are of the following:
Left-Click the picture, find the button at the bottom in the new window that reads "Free" and click it, then wait for the download if necessary and right-click and save as.

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Gradients and Colorsets (just a few of those)

Yeah, I'm still new to making these for people, but I'm really wanting to helping everyone out. Take them, be sure to credit. Hope you like 'em.

Gradients & Colorsets
For Photoshop 7+
Give Credit.

BTW, all files are uploaded with Rapidshare, so don't right click. Just left click and proceed to the page, click free, and then wait for the download.



I've had this thing forever, but mostly for community stuff. Now that it's summer, I guess I'll post in it.

I've never been much of a journal person, I always did these just to make the cool layouts - which brings me to a great question, how the hell do I code one here? I could use some help with this thing.

And just as a little thank you to the people that actually visit, my first set of Icon Brushes here for you to take:

Icon Brush Set #1
For Photoshop 7.0+

Please give credit.
Please give credit, thank you.

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